Homemade Christmas Series

There is no denying it anymore, Christmas is right around the corner. 44 days, 15 hours and 1 minute to be exact…but who’s counting.

I decided a few days ago that I wanted to have a “Homemade Christmas” this year. Now, this may turn out very, very bad given the fact that I am not a naturally crafty person and I have a tendency to rush through every project. That being said, I love having new projects and I also love giving gifts from the heart.

I am so geeked I can hardly contain myself! Some ideas to come will be how to make Christmas tutu’s with matching t-shirts and bows, homemade card sets with calendar (already filled out for your loved ones), picture frame holiday decor, memory boxes, hand print ornaments and chocolate covered pretzel sticks…..

I would love your ideas too! Email me your tips and ideas to [email protected] and I’ll totally give you props for your mad, wicked skills! Together we can create a beautiful, memorable Christmas, without breaking the bank!

Stay tuned….My daily Christmas tips start Monday, November 15th!

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