An Organized Playroom

Being a  Mommy of 3 means our playroom is my salvation! Having a designated spot to keep my kids toys means having a designated spot for all their messes!

The best part? I can close the door after they go to bed and pretend like the mess is not there.


 I’m a firm believer that organizing doesn’t have to be expensive and the dollar store is my go-to spot for inexpensive containers!


 The shelving unit in our playroom came from Ikea, but all the bins on the shelf were just $1.00 each from the dollar store! I simply printed pictures onto clear labels sheets and stuck them on the front. This system works great for small kids because the bins are lightweight, have handles and the pictures make it easy to find and put everything away.
Our little art centre is my kids favourite part of the playroom. Having everything contained in little jars means they can create their masterpieces easily, without make a huge mess.
I think having everything out and visible has really increased their creativity! They are crafting so much more than when their supplies were all behind closed doors.
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  1. Barbara

    Looks like PARADISE for little girls!

  2. My girls would loose their minds in this room, it’s gorgeous! Well done, it looks fantastic. We’re the kids able to keep it nice and tidy for you?

  3. Would you tell me where you got those jars for their craft items? I love that they are clear so you can easily tell not only what is in there, but when your supplies are getting low as well.

  4. Already read and loved ur play room post but that’s awesome it’s featured on I<3organizing
    You and Jen and green apple home are the only I subscribe too

  5. LOVE the creative and colorful space. Thank you for sharing. Am looking for something for my granddaughters and think the bins would be awesome.

  6. Love your room! I would like to know where the alphabet decals are from. Too cute!


  7. Holly McCormick

    Awesome, what a great space for your kids, would also like to know where you got the jars from & alphabet decals, thanks

  8. Andrea

    Such a cute room! I was wondering about the mirror/ballet bar in the bottom picture. Was that something you made? Bought? My daughter would love one just like it. Thanks!

  9. Merestwins43

    Hey. This is fantastic. Do you feel like the buckets make the most use of space? This looks amazing. I’m heading to Ikea TODAY. Did the $1 store buckets hold up or do you wish you had bought more durable containers? I have boy girl twins and really need their play room tidied up. This is wonderful.

  10. Wow – you’ve gotten a lot accmspliohed! Around our house, we have the same issues – I clean out and organize, but before I know it, I need to do it all over again! Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude about the repetitiveness of the chores! I’m going to check out the blog you recommended.

  11. Awesome ideas! Where is the bed from? Thanks.

  12. hi, just wondered if you remember the name of the ikea shelving unit is the kallax. it looks like it, just want to make sure before purchasing.
    thank you so much, awesome ideas!!!


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