Free DIY Easter Wreath

I wanted an Easter Wreath, but I’m on a spending…er…diet.  Shelling out cash on a wreath for my front door that will only be there for 2 weeks seems frivolous, so I decided to make one using stuff I already had.

Easter Wreath

I had my heart set on using a pool noodle as the base, but alas, I must have purged them all last summer 🙁  The only thing I had that was remotely big enough was a paper plate…let the budget friendly project begin!


I decided to use coffee filters to create a paper flower looking wreath. It is really simply and looks lovely.

Step one: Cut a whole in the middle of your plate.

Step two: Simply fold up the coffee filter, with the middle being a point, and hot glue to the edge of your plate.


Step three: Repeat step two until your wreath is full!

Step four: Add whatever Eastery stuff you want!


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