Summer Chore Kits and Screen Time Checklist for Kids

My kids summer vacation starts in a few days and I am totally not ready.  How on earth am I going to keep them entertained and continue to work full time from home? I’m already stressed about the fighting, whining and complaining shit-show they have in store for me, but at least I have one thing prepared: Chore Kits.

My kids like their screens.  Actually, that may be an understatement. They are obsessed with screens. We try and limit their tablet and television time and when I say “screens off” it’s always a meltdown of epic proportion. When they don’t have their screens…it’s a bombardment of whining and begging for them.

In order to stop the madness, I made a “screen time checklist”.  Before my kids can even think about going online or playing a videogame they have to complete everything on their list. This list also includes chores, so I made some chore kids so they can clean independently!

You can download your free chore kit and screen time checklist  – Chore Kit for Kids.

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