Ladybugs are generally stressed out by surface clutter and like to keep their living space clean and clutter free. You know you’re a ladybug if your surfaces are clean and tidy but your junk drawer is overflowing and you would be embarrassed if guests opened your closets. Without a mirco-organizing system in place, the small stuff can get shoved here, there and everywhere! Ladybugs need to work on setting up systems inside drawers and closets that are quick and easy to use.  Here are some tips just for the Ladybug:

  • Set aside 30 minutes a week (over even more often) and pick one area in your home to reorganize. Ladybugs can easily follow most organizing systems, they just need to schedule time to make it a priority.
  • Use drawer dividers or small open containers to keep like things together inside drawers. Examples: Batteries, pens, tools, jewellery, makeup, tape, craft supplies etc. Using dividers or open containers means you can just open the drawer and easily toss the item in it’s home!
  • If it is hard to put away, you won’t. Make your storage solutions easily accessible and clearly labeled. Use containers without lids inside drawers, closets and just about everywhere else!
  • Pretty baskets are your best friend! Ladybugs love a pretty, clutter-free home. Using pretty baskets can keep your home looking pretty and uncluttered while giving you an easily accessible spot to store smaller items. Use baskets for toys, newspapers, cookbooks, office supplies and so much more!
  • A binder system will work well for you! Using a pretty binder with clear plastic sleeves is a great way to hold your important family papers like schedules, calendars, contact numbers, recipes, coupons, school information and kids artwork!
  • Create zones for your homes. Give all your items a home and you will just naturally put them back there. Make sure the “homes” are close to where you use them. Do you do homework and crafts at the kitchen table? Make sure your homework and craft supplies are located in the kitchen! Organizing into zones will ensure that cleaning up is fast and easy.
  • Purge unused things often. Set a time once a month to go through and donate some items you are not using anymore.  Your closets will be so much easier to keep clean with less stuff in there!

Ladybugs can easily get caught up in their homes. Be sure to take time out of your day for family and friends! There is more to life than a clean and organized home…wait..did I just say that?

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