My computer cords were a jumbled mess. We have two power bars FULL of cords under our desk and they were all tangled and messy and an ugly eye sore. I did attempt to make a pretty cord box, but failed to realize that making it out of cardboard and paper was not the safest solution.  Defeated, I simply left the pile of cords under the desk with the intent of buying two expensive cord boxes from The Container Store.

My sweet husband solved the cord dilemma tonight using the coolest thing… a vinyl eaves trough!  They come in 10 foot lengths from any hardware store and are only $5.00 each. He cut it down to size with a saw, and using the brackets, attached it to the back of the desk.  The cords now sit in the eaves trough, easily accessible and completely hidden…a great solution for under $10!




Here is another cool use for a eaves trough! This clever couple used two gutters on the top of some beadboard wallpaper to make an ingenious bookshelf!

Why couldn’t I have thought of that! Now my wheels are turning trying to come up with ways to use the piece of eaves trough we have left over from this project…stay tuned!

Click here to see how to make a gutter book shelf!

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