Organizing the Garage

We have been living in our new home for just over a month and I have already noticed the ease in which a garage can become a dumping ground.  At our old home, I longed for a garage and now that I have one, it hasn’t disappointed me.  Having  a garage is wonderful, but it is an all to easy place to put all the “I’ll deal with it later” stuff.

No, this isn’t my garage, but it will be if I continue to neglect this important space.  My husband made me swear that I’d never reorganize the garage, but each time I walk through it I hear it calling me! “Cas, clean and organize me, Cas…I need you”.   How can I really ignore a space in need?

I have a plan.  A baby steps plan.  My days are filled with 6 kids, dirty diapers and runny noses, so I’ll have to do my organizing in small doses.  My plan for the garage is simple: A place for everything off the floor.  I’m going to hang ladders, step stools, brooms. tools, bikes and everything else I can!  Here are some inspirational, but realistic pictures I found.  I hate those pictures with perfectly organized spaces complete with matching bins and perfectly placed everything.  Those are not realistic unless you’re willing to drop serious cash on organizing.  Organizing doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, be expensive.

I’m actually drooling. Sorry Joe.. I need it. I want it….I HAVE TO HAVE IT!  Clean and organized garage, here I come!

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