Writing a blog is hard.  For me, picking up a camera and making a video is sooo much easier!  That being said, I have made a commitment to myself to grow my written blog.  I have committed to writing ONE post, once a week (I MEAN it this time).

In order to start offering more content for my readers (that would be you), I need more than just my YouTube videos and my occasional written posts (though soon to be once a week posts).


So, here is my plan! Why don’t YOU write a blog post to be featured on this site? I will gladly share it on my Facebook page (over 18,000 likes) and promote it on my YouTube channel!  Let’s help each other to grow while inspiring others to give their home a “hug”.

Even if you do not currently have a blog, no problem, you can send me an article as a MS Word file including some images and I can put it together! Sharing your passion with the world is an AMAZING experience!

If you do have your own blog, just send me an article, a quick bio and the link you would like me to put for your site!! A profile picture of you would be great too!!

Send your ideas or articles to: [email protected] 

I’d love to feature articles on Organizing, Decorating, Parenting and Recipes…but I am open to anything you would like to share!

I’m so excited to start working together!!


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