Organizing Tip of the Day- Family Notebook

K. So this is my first ever written blog. Wish me luck!

I am slowly moving from a life of crazy chaos to a life of serene organization. O.K., so maybe not, but I’m trying. First Step, get my home organized! I had heard about household management notebooks in organizing magazines and other places, but I never really thought it would be something that would work for my home. Kinda thought it was a bit over-the-top actually. That being said I started this video blog on youtube to help inspire me to get organized, and after quickly running out of stuff to blog about, I decided to make a binder….

Aahhhhhh… I freakin love my binder… I use it EVERYDAY! It has tabs and those clear sheet protectors and that is about all it takes to make one. I have a tab for contacts, favourite resturants (I also use the protector to hold takeout menus and coupons too), school information, receipts, calendars, entertainment (tickets, reservations, gymnastic schedules), coupons… I’m sure you get the idea… Anyways, I LOVE mine and I suggest you make one for your home too.

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