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I don’t feel like I fit into just one “bug” type. Can I be more than one Clutterbug?

The four Clutterbug types are just another tool for your organizing toolbox. You can’t put everyone into just four boxes! You may be a combination of two bugs or you could have different organizing styles for different rooms in your home. You may organize completely differently at work than you do in your own home too. The Clutterbug system is merely a way of helping to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can create an organizing system that works for you.

What do I do if my family and I organize differently?

When combining different organizing styles under one roof, the golden Clutterbug rule is to always default to the visual and macro bugs. This means Butterflies win! It’s much easier for hidden organizers to have their items visual than it is for visual organizers to remember hidden items. It’s also easier for micro organizer to relax to a macro approach than it is to have a macro organizer try and use micro systems. A great compromise for visual and hidden organizers is labels!

I am feeling overwhelmed by my clutter, where do I start?

I always suggest starting with some “garbage bag therapy”. Grab a trash and/or recycling bag and find items in your home that are actual trash. Empty shampoo bottles, expired food, broken items, empty boxes, old papers, food wrappers, receipts etc. This is a painless way to start decluttering your home and find some much needed space and motivation.

What room should I organize first?

I recommend starting in your master bedroom. It’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you fall asleep. Your bedroom sets the tone for your entire life. Make it, and you, a priority.

Can I send you photos of my space for advice?

My schedule is very busy and while I would love to help everyone, it just isn’t realistic. I have created an amazing support group on Facebook that I am active in. You can post photos and give and receive advice from over 100,000 of those in our online Clutterbug community. You can join our Clutterbug Community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/clutterbugadvice/


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