Discover Other Types of Organizing Styles

Simple Organization

Ladybug Organizing Style


Ladybugs are hidden organizers that like their everyday used items to be out-of-sight. Ladybugs struggle to maintain detailed systems and tend to shove and hide things, so they need large bins or baskets with fewer, less detailed categories.

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Butterfly Organizing Style


Butterflies are visual organizers who can easily forget about items when they are stored out-of-sight. They also struggle to maintain really detailed organizing systems and prefer fewer and larger categories when sorting their things.

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Detailed Organization

Cricket Organizing Style


Crickets are hidden organizers who prefers to have their items stored behind closed doors. They are also detail oriented and like to sort their items into many, small categories. A Cricket doesn’t mind stopping to open a lid or sort items when putting things away.

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Bee Organizing Style


Bees are visual organizers who likes to see their everyday used items out in the open. Bees also tend to be perfectionists who like a detailed organizing system, with many categories for their things. A Bee struggles more than any other type with letting go.

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