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Love visual abundance and organizational abundance. You prefer to see your everyday used items instead of hiding them away. You are also a bit of a perfectionist and tend to pile items until you can put them away properly.

Love visual abundance and organizational abundance. You prefer to see your everyday used items instead of hiding them away. You are also a bit of a perfectionist and tend to pile items until you can put them away properly.

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A Bee is a visual person who often has a project on the go! Bees are very organized people, but they also prefer to “see” their important and frequently used items, rather than store them away in closets or containers. Bees also like to keep their tools, papers and other supplies out until they are finished the job, often piling them until they have a chance to put them away “properly”.


This can quickly turn into clutter.  There are lots of different kinds of Bees, some have work projects which come with mounds of paperwork to deal with, others have many different hobbies which require mountains of supplies. A Bee is a bit of an organizing perfectionist and prefers Micro-Organizing solutions with everything carefully sorted and organized categories. Like a Cricket, Bees can maintain a detailed organizing system, the problem is finding the time to set it up in the first place.

Some Bees have home-based businesses which can overrun the entire home with materials both necessary to keep and some that are not. Reading is a hobby too and if a Bee is an avid reader, chances are they are drowning in books, magazines or newspapers. 


Cooking and baking is also a hobby and a Bee will have every tool they could ever possibly need! Bees almost always come with a lot of stuff. Whether it be exercise equipment, scrapbooking supplies, photographs, art supplies, books, cooking and baking utensils, woodworking materials, home improvement tools or any other supplies you use during your hobby, it can quickly take over your space.


Some suggestions for a Busy Bee? Learn to let go of perfection. It is better to start with a “good enough” organizing system (instead of piling), you can always come back and fine tune your systems later when you have more time.  Secondly, try to have no more than 3 projects on the go at once. If you have had an unfinished project for a long time, it may be time to get rid of it all together and open yourself and your space up to new projects that you are more passionate about.


Do you have a lot of exercise equipment that hasn’t been used in years? As hard as it is, perhaps it is time to donate or sell that equipment and use the space for another hobby that you would actually enjoy, like a reading room or scrapbooking space. Do you really need that many pots and pans, screwdrivers, stickers or books?


Bees are the master of good intentions, but there are only so many hours in a day and only so much we can reasonably get done. There also comes a point when we need to admit that even though something may be useful, it is taking away space that could be used for more important items. Here are some tips just for Bees:


  • Make a priority list for yourself and your home. Is having a clean kitchen a priority over finishing your scrapbook? Then make time for what is a priority to you and finish that task before you start a new one. Write yourself a to-do list and number it from most important to least.  Do the MOST important ones first.


  • Peg board organizers work amazingly well for you.


  • Clear bins, baskets and jars should be your go-to organizing system.


  • Invest in shelving. You are visual, so open shelving is a must for you. Book cases are a Bee’s best friend.


  • Learn to let go.  Bees tend to keep things “just in case” they may need it someday. If you don’t love it and you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.


  • Schedule, schedule, schedule. Your time is precious to you so make the most of it. Create daily and weekly chore lists, a daily schedule and make sure you have a monthly calendar that you can reference easily.


  • Use project boxes. Have a box or basket with all the supplies you need for your current project. When you are done for the day, put the items back into the box until you can work on it again. This way your supplies are out of the way, but you don’t need to take everything out again to work on your project next time.

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