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So you’re a Butterfly? Watch the video below to learn some custom organizing solutions, just for your style.

A Butterfly is a very visual person and likes to see all their belongings for fear of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”. You are probably a Butterfly if you have clothing on top of your dresser and on the floor, but your closet and drawers are practically empty (except for those items you don’t use or love). Butterflies prefer to have their items visible and displayed, rather than hidden in drawers and behind closed doors. Butterflies are often overwhelmed with the idea of organizing because they have “failed” in the past with traditional organizing solutions that are tailored for people who prefer to “hide” their belongings. A Butterfly needs easy, fast Macro-Organizing solutions that are visible and/or clearly labeled.

There are many ways a Butterfly can be organized with everything in its place without having to “hide” their items in closets and containers. Here are some tips just for the Butterflies:

  • Clear bins are perfect for you! Keep the lids off so you are more likely to use them. By keeping your organizing solutions clear you will be much more likely to use them! If clear bins are not an option, labeling the outside of your containers with LARGE and pretty labels are the next best thing for you. Your best solution? Clear containers that are also labeled!
  • Label, Label, Label. You can use words or pictures to label your bins and baskets so you always have a visual reminder of what is inside. Use clearly labeled baskets for mail, clothing, office supplies, paperwork and just about everything else.
  • Butterflies are easily distracted by the clutter and have a greater emotional attachment to their belongings than the average person. Have a friend or family member help you with organizing projects to keep you on track and to help you let go of items that you are struggling to purge.
  • Use the 4 sort method when organizing any space. Have 4 labeled or colour coded baskets, bags or boxes handy. One for Trash, One for Donate,One for Does Not Belong, and One for Keep. This will help you stay focused and make purging your items easier.
  • Have a clear vision for your space. Take a before picture of the mess right now and then find a picture in a magazine of what you want your space to look like. Hang both of these in your room somewhere for a visual reminder and motivation.
  • A 21 item toss every month is a great way for Butterflies to purge.  Grab a bag and race around to find 21 items to get rid of as fast as you can.
  • Schedule organizing time.  Schedule in 15 minutes each day and work on one small part of your space. Try to pick the same time every day, like right after the kids go to bed.
  • Hooks are a Butterflies best friend! Hang hooks in your entrance way, inside your closet and on the back of doors!
  • Open shelving works well for you! Take advantage of vertical space and get stuff off your floor. You NEED open shelving in your home, and a lot of it.
  • Remember, stuff is just stuff. Don’t put your belongings above your family or yourself.
  • Don’t forget the ONE MINUTE RULE.  If something takes less than one minute to put away, do it right now.  Putting everything off until “later” gets you into trouble!

Organizing your space will actually make it easier for you to find your things as well as save you money, improve your health and reduce you and your family’s stress.  When you take something out, try to remember to put it back right away when you are done. “Later” should be a word you remove from your vocabulary!

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