Today is day three in my “Identify your Organizing Style” blog series! I talked a little about the Butterfly and Ladybug and today’s Clutterbug is the Busy Bee!
I think it is so important to know your personal organizing style in order to know what method and tools will not only get you organized, but keep you that way. Get ready to see if your Clutterbug is the:
Busy Bee: You know you’re a Busy Bee if you’re constantly in motion! This Clutterbug has a hard time sitting still for long periods of time and usually has a very busy and active social life. Do you learn best by being shown how to do something as apposed to being told? Do you like working with your hands and figuring things out as you go? Are you often late or feeling like your rushing from one activity to the next? Do you talk with your hands and have a strong sense of smell and touch? Busy Bee’s are very active and always on the move whether it’s working on hobbies, playing sports, working out or shopping. Even watching television or a movie can be hard to do for long periods of time. Busy Bee’s generally prefer video games or surfing the web to just sitting and watching T.V. At work you probably get bored easily and need to take frequent snacks or coffees breaks. Busy Bee’s are usually easily distracted and often move from one activity to the next before putting things away from the first one. Most of these Clutterbugs tend to be pack rats, holding on to items because “you never know when you might need it”. If this sounds like you, here are some tips to help you get and stay organized:
You need to set aside a small amount of time each day for organizing. This could be sorting mail, planning your week, writing to-do lists or organizing your home. During this time minimize distractions. Shut the phone off and close your computer. Set a timer for 15 or 30 minutes and try to “beat the clock” or put on 5 or 10 of your favourite songs and when they are all over, move on to something else.
A timer is your best organizing tool. Busy Bee’s just work best in small increments. A timer will also help you keep your breaks short and motivate you to get back to work.
Make to do lists with check boxes. Taking a moment to physically check off a completed item will motivate you to do more on the list. White boards on the fridge or in your office work well for Busy Bee’s.
Set out sorting bins when going through your items. Have a bin for Toss, Donate and Keep. Set the bins apart from each other so you have to walk or throw the items in the different bins. Stand at a table when sorting paperwork or small items. This will help with boredom.
Storage containers on wheels work well for you. I also love those portable file folders that can be carried around with you and moved from room to room or from office to home . I like the colourful one made by Bungalow.
Use Bins or Baskets to store projects in progress, that way when you are done for the day you can quickly pile everything into the appropriate bin instead of leaving it out. Your more likely to use bins with texture that you can feel. Wicker, Canvas or leather bins or baskets work best for you.
At work consider sitting on an exercise ball instead of a regular office chair. It will help with boredom.
Use wall sorters whenever possible. Vertical wall files and literature sorters work well for your paperwork.
Hanging a canvas shoe sorter for hobby items like paint brushes, tools and other small items you use on a regular basis. You need to move while you put things away and sort.
Identify your problem areas in your home and set aside some time each day to deal with them. If you find you have an area stacked with paperwork or hobby items, make a bin or box for each of these areas. Store your bins or baskets on a shelf or use boxes that can be easily stacked. By using bins these items can be easily accessed but are out of the way and not invading your living space.
Each week do a 21 item toss by walking around your home finding 21 items while holding one bag for toss and one for donate.
Take notes whenever possible. Busy Bee’s learn and remember best by writing things down. So, grab a pen and write down the tips from this blog that you may want to try at home. Seriously, you need to write things down!!!
Not a Busy Bee? Visit me tomorrow to see if you are a Cricket.

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