My secret decorating tip…’s a secret

I’m finally getting to make my youngest daughter’s big girl room! I am so excited! In all honesty, I have been dreaming about her big girl room since the day she was born… I need more to fill my days, I know.  So, now that it is finally time, thought I’d share my tried and true decorating tip for putting any room together… easy and fool proof, even I can do it!!

I know this is an organizing blog, but there is no better way to inspire you to keep your rooms organized and clutter free then to make them beautifully decorated. So here is my easy tip to make sure any room in your home always looks perfectly put together….wait for it… It’s the rule of 3 and 5. So simple, but every room in my home follows this rule and it has never let me down.

First, I follow this rule for picking colours. I stick to a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 5 in each room. Black and white don’t count, you need a little of one or both of those to ground the room. Beige and chocolate brown do count as a colour though and if you choose 3 or 5 colours total, you’ll never go wrong. You will need something in your room to tie all your colours together too, this is a very important part. Examples would be artwork, curtains or throw pillows. Pick one or two of your colours to be your accent colours and use it in small bursts around your room.

I’ll use my living room as an example. My walls are light beige (1), curtains and accent chair are dark beige (2), my sofa is green (3), accent wall, coffee table and ottomans are chocolate brown (4) and my accent colour is burgandy (5). I use my accent colour as throw pillows and window valances and a table runner. I found an area rug and artwork that combines all five colours and volia…looks like I knew what I was doing!

In Abby’s big girl room I am using light pink for walls (1), dark pink for accent wall (2) and green (3) for accent colour. Her bedding and little chair combine all three colours.

I also use the rule of 3 and 5 for hanging pictures, displaying stuff on shelves and even furniture placement. I have no idea why, but it works. It keeps things balanced and appealing to the eye. 

K, that is it. My big secret tip for ensuring your room looks perfectly decorated everytime…. even if you’re like me and really have no idea what you’re doing!

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