So I bought a magazine last night, “100 decorating tips for under $100″…love that one. Anyways, I saw a cool bed bag that I am going to make tonight.  I’ll do a video blog tomorrow so you can all check it out!
Basically it is a pouch that you hang by tucking it in between the box spring and mattress! They used a placemat in the magazine, but I have left over fabric from my curtains, so I am using that…no, I can’t sew, so I’ll be using iron tape!
I hate clutter on my side table, so I am making a pouch with pockets to hold my favourite magazines, books, ipod and the remote! I know what you are thinking, that is really gay and for really old people, but I’ll show you how fab it will look on my blog tomorrow! And it creates more storage! I am so geeked!
K. Today I did a video blog with my favourite decorating tips…. three and five, words and of course old junk… check it out on my youtube channel

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