Hiring help is less then you may think… and the show alone is worth it!

With all the stuff going on in my home, finding time for yard work was difficult. I often waited until the kids were asleep and even had to duck tape a flashlight to my ghetto old lawnmower.

Those days are over! I now have a lawnboy who cuts my grass and trims it every week for only $25. He does a great job and the best part? He is smoking hot…and cuts the grass with no top on….

I’m a happily married women, but the joy I feel when I look out my window to see a beautiful man glisten in the sun while he does my yard work…it’s even better then watching my Roomba vacuum my floor!

I thought about getting a lawnbot, but they are $1500.  Cutie-pie Cody can cut my grass 60 times for that price…and he has the body of a gladiator!  🙂

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