With all the stuff going on in my home, finding time for yard work was difficult. I often waited until the kids were asleep and even had to duck tape a flashlight to my ghetto old lawnmower.

Those days are over! I now have a lawnboy who cuts my grass and trims it every week for only $25. He does a great job and the best part? He is smoking hot…and cuts the grass with no top on….

I’m a happily married women, but the joy I feel when I look out my window to see a beautiful man glisten in the sun while he does my yard work…it’s even better then watching my Roomba vacuum my floor!

I thought about getting a lawnbot, but they are $1500.  Cutie-pie Cody can cut my grass 60 times for that price…and he has the body of a gladiator!  🙂

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