Frozen Pizza Night

Time management is one of my biggest challenges. I get distracted really easily and often spend twice as long as it should really take to get things done. I start a task and then before long I check my email or answer the phone or just wander the house doing who freakin’ knows what and before I know it an hour has gone by and I have got nothing done and I don’t feel like I have had any “me” time either.

So I have come up with a plan, a frozen pizza plan… One night a week instead of taking 30 minutes to make dinner I will take that 30 minutes to get a small task done. A frozen pizza takes about 30 minutes to cook, and while we do eat them once a week already, I wasn’t using that time for any specific reason.  Planning small blocks of time for specific tasks is an easy and efficient way to get things done…or so I’m told.  So this week, pick a night that the whole family can help out and decide together on the task before hand.  Start the pizza timer and get it done! No interruptions, no dilly dallying, just race to get it done before the timer goes off! Examples of small tasks could be to clean out fridge and cupboards of bad /expired food or organize a shelf in the garage. Hate frozen pizza? So not the point. Cook some other crappy frozen meal or order delivery and work until the doorbell rings!

I think I may also start scheduling 30 minutes or even an hour block of “me” time too.  Perhaps if I know exactly how much time I have and pick something I would really like to do during that time I will feel more fulfilled and won’t “waste” it with phone calls or email….or blogging… just saying 🙂


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