Each year I spend WAY too much money on Christmas dresses for my two little princesses. This year I decided to make them some cute holiday outfits, to go along with my “Homemade Christmas” theme.
First, let me just say, I am so, super uncrafty. I can’t sew, I have zero hand-eye coordination and I have no patience for anything that takes longer then 45 minutes. So, if I can do it, you can definitely do it.
I found a cute reindeer shirt on Etsy.com and I thought I’d try to recreate it myself.  This one is sewn of course, but without a sewing machine or any idea how to even use one, I opted for fabric glue.
There are so many options for fabric glue nowadays, and they do an excellent job of “fake sewing” just about everything. I have used, and loved, iron on hem tape for years, but this was my first experience with glue.
I bought fabric scraps from Walmart, 5 different chocolate brown and pink ones, for $12. Not a deal, but I was in a hurry. I suggest going to a fabric store and buying small squares or a bag of scraps or using old, torn clothing from your home.  I also bought some soft brown felt for a soft reindeer head.
I cut the fabric out in patterns and applied glue to the back of the pieces with a brush. I placed and pressed them on the shirt and then tacked down the edges with a little more glue. I had first attempted to “heat seal” the fabric with a lighter, like I do ribbon, but it just caught on fire. I’m a moron.  By applying some glue to the edges, you will help stop fraying and ensure they don’t catch on anything. Do not do this to felt, it will not dry clear like it does on cotton.
So, 20 minutes later I have a cute reindeer shirt. I used an old stained shirt for my tester and plan on using t-shirts from the dollar store for their final creations!  I will make matching brown and pink tutu’s (another blog, so cheap and easy) and “VOILA”, homemade holiday outfits for under $10 each.
I have a lot of fabric and glue left over, which I will be using to make a girly tool belt and  an apron for more Christmas gifts…. stay tuned!

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