Get to the Good Part

I think I’m an addict, an organizing addict. I search books, Youtube, blogs…everywhere, looking for my next inspiration. It’s more than just having something to blog about, I love having a new project. I need new projects.  I have a very specific project addiction, it has to be one I can complete in one solid chunk of time, preferably under an hour.

Maybe it’s ADHD or perhaps it’s a result of having a house full of kids to watch all day long while having to cook, clean and be the GD entertainment director…either way, I want quick projects that give me immediate gratification.

Enter organizing. You can literally take 5 minutes to start and complete organizing a small drawer and see immediate results. It feels good to accomplish something, to make your home more beautiful and functional…to be good at something without having to have talent, money or time. Organizing….ahhhh… it is my drug of choice. I love stepping back and admiring my efforts…my accomplishments that took so little time and effort but give me such big rewards.

I’m starting to search out crafts that give me the same satisfaction. Making bows and tutu’s are great because they take less then 20 minutes to complete, but how many tutu’s do two little princesses really need? I enjoyed my latest school year journal, it is a great way to record memories and the whole thing was finished in under an hour. But now what? I’m jonesing. Scrapbooking is fun, but it leaves me frustrated. It takes FOREVER to complete a book. After spending hours scrapbooking only to have a few pages done, I feel like I’ve just engaged in crafting foreplay. Let’s get to the good part already!  I need to projects I can finish right away. I hate picking away at anything, I’m a completer….I have to finish what I start, whether I do a good job or not! I just need to finish. I am the kind of person who will stay up all night reading a book. I even skim and skip chapters just to get to the end as fast as possible. If I’m really exhausted, ’cause it’s  four in the morning and I’m nowhere near done my book, I’ll just read the last few pages, just to get to the good part…the end.

So, got any new tips for me? Anything? Throw me a bone, I’m dying here! I’m a pathetic junky, I know. But at least I’m not alone. You read my blog everyday, are you jonesing too?

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