So hello! Welcome to Santa’s Workshop! That is what my office feels like right now as I’m in the middle of dozens of Christmas Gift projects at once. Today’s project? Iron On Transfer T-Shirts! Easy, cheap and you can make your gift personal and special….in just a few short minutes!

Start with good transfer paper. I like the full sheet ones made for Dark T-shirts. They are a bit more money, but even on white t-shirts, they just look so much better. Another advantage is that you don’t have to flip them when printing and they take a lot less ironing time then the regular transfers.

In MS Word, or any other software you like, design your t-shirts. I have posted some pictures of my latest creations! Make sure it is an easy shape you can cut out. The best way to do this is to make a “box” around your lettering. This is easy to cut out and easy to iron on.  I cut the crown image from Google images and then pasted it into my document. I then added a text box overtop and used white lettering. After I ironed it on the shirt, I glued some rhinestones on with “jewel it” glue.

This project is super cute for little kids as you can personalize their names on their clothes! I made a few cute shirts and matching tutu’s for all the little princesses in my life, including my newest niece who is only a few days old! Watch my  “how to make a no sew tutu”  video to learn how you can easily make an inexpensive tutu too!

You can also make fun gifts for the adults on your list too. Personalized pjs, aprons and yes, even knickers!

Make your own ribbon for matching hair bows with the extra space on the sides of the transfer sheet…see the picture below. It irons on plain ribbon beautifully. 

This project was SUPER easy, inexpensive and they turned out very special! Good luck with your own projects!

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