Quick Tips

K. So a quick blog today about some quick tips.

Bounce Sheets. Can I just say they are wonderful? If you have a pan with burnt on food, soak with warm water and a bounce sheet overnight! The food will wipe right off the next morning! They also freshen drawers, suitcases and storage totes. Put some in your pockets to ward off mosquitoes and bees! I also just learned that they remove soap scum from shower doors….wonders never cease! Shove some in your winter boats and coat pockets during storage in the summer and they’ll smell fresh next year!

Vinegar. Kills weeds naturally. Put two cups in your washing machine and dishwasher to clean out hoses and cut through soap buildup. Pour vinegar and baking soda down your drains to help them drain faster. Cleans laminate floors like nothing I have ever tried before…and I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Of course it works great for windows too, but everyone knows that.

Did you know cats HATE the smell of lemon? Pour lemon juice in your garden to stop them from pooping and place lemon essential oil or use lemon cleaner on spots they have peed inside to deter them from doing it again…if they are like my cat though, they’ll just find another spot 🙁

Lastly, do not eat mayonnaise. That shit has 100 calories per teaspoon. Leave out the mayo and you can enjoy a bag of 100 cookies for dessert…Cookies or Mayo…I am going with Cookies!

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