My Craft Binder

I think every parent wishes they could spend more “quality” time with their kids. Even though I am a stay-at-home Mommy I still can fall into the cycle of “quantity over quality”.

A great way of spending quality time with your little ones is by doing crafts, activities and playing games with them, but sometimes finding the time seems impossible.
Enter my new Craft Binder. This is a spot where I can keep all my craft, song and activity ideas along with some prep work I have done earlier.  By the time kids get home from school or you get home from work the rush is on to get dinner made, kids fed, bathed and in bed at a decent time. There just isn’t time to squeeze in a craft or family activity…but there could be! 
Imagine having paper crafts ready all the time at a moments notice! Imagine being able to make a sock puppet with your kids in under 5 minutes while the potatoes boil for dinner! Imagine teaching your toddler the alphabet while you set the table! A Craft Binder and a little prep work can make squeezing in craft time a breeze! 

I use my binder to hold all my kids craft ideas and inspiration but I also use the clear plastic sleeves to hold some prepared crafts for my kids! Last night I put together Ziploc bags full of everything we need to make sock puppets including pom poms, feathers, felt shapes, googly eyes, buttons and of course an old kids sock! They can sort through the bag a pick eyes, ears, hair and a mouth and I can hot glue their creation together on the sock! Preparing it ahead of time means no mess or time wasted getting all my craft supplies out. Once a month you can take out your supplies and create many “craft kits” for your kids that can be stored right in your binder!
Here are a few of my favourite sites I visit for craft ideas, printables and worksheets. Print some out and make your Craft Binder today!

Fun Videos and Printables
More Fun Craft Ideas!
Circle Time Songs

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