Neat Receipts Review

You know how much I love gadgets that can save me precious time, and I have found another winner.  
Neatreceipts. This cute little portable scanner comes with amazing image recognition software that picks up the business name, total spent, payment type, tax breakdown, date and more! If the software has trouble picking up the name of the business (due to crazy lettering like Michael’s) you can type in the correct name and it will remember it for next time!
I’m in love. I have to keep all my receipts for the daycare and enter them into Quickbooks for my taxes. I had a huge pile on my desk that I have been procrastinating entering for over 6 months. What would normally take me well over an hour took less then 10 minutes to scan and export to Quickbooks. Genius. Genius. Genius. I am gitty right now. 
This scanner also works like a dream for business cards and exports the data right into your Outlook contacts! 
For just over $100 this is a worthwhile investment for anyone who has to keep receipts for business or who has a lot of business cards they just can’t get around to entering into their Outlook. The best part? Revenue Canada accepts these scanned receipts in lieu of the original so I can toss out these hundreds of bulky receipts after I scan them!
Did I mention I love this thing?
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