Ugly cords everywhere can make even the most organized home look sloppy.  I can’t stand messy,  tangled cords on counter tops and dressers but buying charging stations can be expensive.

For my home we opted to replace our alarm clocks with inexpensive ones with docking stations ontop but for my laptop, I drilled a hole in the back of my bedside table drawer and slid the cord through. This way I always know where my charger is and I always remember to put my laptop away at night!

You can easily create a charging station for your family’s devices without spending a lot of money. Simply drill holes for the cords in baskets, pretty boxes or even a drawer!  Imagine never having to look for your phone or the charger again! They will always kept in the same place, neat and organized! Here are a few examples of homemade charging stations and the links on how to make them below!


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