Save Time and Money with a Mortgage Specialist

When we purchased our first home, our real estate agent recommended we contact a  Mortgage Specialist named Shelley Russell.  With this being our first purchase, we really had no idea of what we were doing! Shelley found us the best price and took care of all the paperwork for us.  She was amazing and very informative!

Fast forward 5 years and our mortgage was up for renewal.  Our bank had sent us a letter indicating that they would renew our mortgage at the current rate we were paying.  This was almost 3% higher than the average rate, including the rate they were offering NEW customers! I was outraged. The letter also stated that they would automatically renew it for another 5 years if we did not contact them and tell them otherwise.

I called Shelley and she shopped around all the other banks for us and found us a rate 3% less.  We were going to save almost half our monthly mortgage payment! I was so angry with our bank for not offering us the rate they were advertising and offering everyone else, it felt almost criminal, as if they were stealing from us and hoping we just didn’t notice.

Then I started to wonder how many people out there just don’t pay attention to mortgage rates.  How many other families just renew their mortgages at the current rate because the banks are greedy a-holes who don’t bother telling current customers that rates have dropped?

The point of my little rant is that I really recommend a mortgage specialist. It costs you NOTHING and saves you from having to shop all the banks yourself for the best rate.  They also have the experience and expertise to get you the best type of mortgage for your family’s needs.

Our mortgage specialist Shelley went above and beyond for us.  When I expressed to her my dream of moving, she worked all the numbers to show us what a mortgage on a bigger house would look like and how much we would need to make it happen.  She showed us that not only was moving possible for us, but she could get us a mortgage rate that would give us a house twice the size for only an additional $300 a month.  Instead of renewing our mortgage, we bought our dream house on the water.  I owe Shelley Russell my thanks.

I am not related to Shelley, nor is she a friend. I am in no way affiliated with her and she has no idea I am even writing this blog. I was simply impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and kindness and I wanted to pass her on to all of you.

Shelley Russell
Mortgage Agent
Lic: M09001877
Toll Free: 1-866-444-8115

If you live in Ontario, get in touch with Shelley. You will not be disappointed.  If you live somewhere else, consider finding a mortgage specialist near you, instead of just blindly trusting those jerks at the bank.  Like I said, it costs you nothing and saves you a bunch of time and money!  1% may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to your mortgage, it is literally THOUSANDS of dollars.

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