Meal Planning Monday

Before I trudge into my weekly menu plan, I am going to take a few seconds to whine and complain… I wish I was a man. Not in the “I’m a man trapped in a women’s body”  kind of way, but in the “men have it so easy” kind of way.  Not having to experience all the crap that comes along with pregnancy is one of those many ways.  Don’t get me wrong, I already love this little baby inside of me and think it is amazing to feel him move and grow, but overall, it really sucks being pregnant.

I have a pregnancy tumor on my thumb.  It is a huge, nasty, constant bleeding growth-like thing that makes doing everything from opening a bottle to typing very difficult.  I also have horrible allergies and my doctor says he doesn’t want me taking anything until I’m at least 6 months.  Did I mention my huge, bulging, itchy varicose veins?  Yeah, those are awesome.  Add to that my nightly insomnia and now the dreaded “restless leg syndrome” and you get one tired and cranky Mommy.  I haven’t even gotten to the huge, breathless, uncomfortable stage of my pregnancy yet… Sigh. Alright, on I go.

My weekly menu:


Mexican Night!  Yummy tacos and nacho’s.  What more can I say? I love Mexican night.


Jambalaya.  Italian sausage, shrimp, peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes all sauteed together with some tomato sauce, chicken broth, rice and spices… Yum Yum.


Beef Kabobs with Casesar Salad.  I’ll probably add some Kraft Dinner to this meal for my little girls…It’s Abby’s favourite!


Cheeseburger Sliders, Fries and Salad.


Joey’s Roast Pork with Mushroom Gravy, Mashed Potatoes and Corn


Left overs!  I’m such a mean mom!


Date Night!  It’s our Anniversary and Grandma A has the girls overnight!  Dinner and a Movie for Mommy (and Daddy I guess) 😉

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