Sometimes Fat People Really do have a Thyroid Problem…Hmmm.

I’m tired lately, like really freaking tired. No matter how much I try and sleep, I always feel as though I’m struggling just to get through the most basic and routine task.

I know, I’m a new Mom and I’m seriously out of shape, but I just kept thinking, “something is wrong with me“. First of all, I started gaining weight after my baby was born, then I was starting to let the housework go (you know something is seriously wrong when I stop giving a shit if my house looks..and smells… like a dumpster exploded) and the final straw was my hair started falling out.

I went to the doctors a few months ago and requested blood work.  He said he would call me if there was anything wrong.  I waited, and waited, but no call.  I assumed that I was, in fact, just a giant hypochondriac looking for an excuse for my laziness.

Fast forward to last week, when I finally dragged my butt back in to see my doctor to discuss my blood tests (aka beg for more), and I’m being told that he has been trying to call me for weeks, but he had my OLD phone number!

He says “It looks like you have low thyroid”.   I immediately burst into tears to which he quickly says “Oh, it’s fine. We can easily treat with medication”. To which I reply “I’m. Just. So. Happy”.

Yes. I cried, big, fat, snot bubble tears at being told I have Hypothyroidism.  I finally have an excuse for my exhaustion, weight gain and hair loss.

You know how all fat people seem to say they have a thyroid condition and all the skinny people (I know this because I used to be a skinny bitch) think to themselves “yeah…sure you do….it has nothing to do with the brownies you’re shoveling in”… Well, truth be told, it may really be a thyroid condition (with just a dab of brownie addiction). 🙂



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