Love Bug Valentines Day Craft

Feb 13, 2014 | Blog

My friend Jessica is awesome and irritating all at the same time. She is one of those mothers who is always doing these amazing, crafty things that you see and pin of Pinterest, but never actually attempt yourself.  Her ambition inspires me, but also sometimes leaves me feeling lazy and inadequate. Do you have one of those friends that just crushes your “good mother” spirit?

Well, this time, she went all out on Valentines Day by making her child’s entire class “Love Bugs”.  I looked at my sad, dollar store valentine cards and realized I had put zero effort in, so I decided to copy her!


Jess got the idea from Tori Spelling’s Blog.  You can find the link here.  

These adorable pom pom Love Bugs were easy and fast to make…you probably already have all the supplies at home right now!


The fastest and easiest way to make a pom pom is simply by wrapping the yarn around you hand. To watch my how-to video, click here.


This adorable poem is all ready for you to print and cut out! Simply download it here: Love Bug Tags


We made one for each of my kids classmates, and of course a few for themselves!

Your little ones can make them for grandparents, siblings or even just as a fun activity this Valentines Day!