Sheesh.  What a week I have had.  I was completely miserable all week long and my home looked like a tornado had blown through.

I blame the coffee table. The table and the puppy.

My upstairs coffee table had a few scratches in the top coat that drove me INSANE.  I had tried putting poly on top to hide the scratches, but my toddler put a nice hand print on it before it was 100 % dry. Sigh.  So, then I tried buffing out the top coat with steel wool and almond oil. DO NOT EVER DO THIS.  It was bad.  So very, very bad.  I decided to put poly on top of that...disaster…only to seal in the circular scratches I created.

WTF was I thinking?  So now, the table is f*&%ed.  The only thing I could think of was to chemically strip the top down to the bare wood. FML that sucked, and stunk.  I then thought I could match the stain on the top of the table to that of the bottom of the table.  Nope. That is impossible.  Note to self: “you are not a professional refinisher”.  I did not even read ONE tiny bit of information on how to refinish a table before starting this.  Instructions are for people with no imagination, I always say.

Now I am five full days into blending stain, restripping and staining again.  I have finally surrendered to the fact that the table is 10 times crapper than it was with those few small scratches, and it will have to be good enough. I’m done with this GD table.

So with the addition of the puppy, planting all my pots outside and the table fiasco, my house took a nose dive into a dirty pit of despair…along with my mood.

Nothing like having a planned visit with my mother to get my butt in gear! My mom came to visit for a nice day of shopping and lunch.  This was the push I needed to get back on top of my house.  I forgo the wallowing in front of the TV after the kids went to bed last night and instead spent a few hours playing catch up.


This morning was glorious! Waking up to a clean house felt so amazing, my bad mood disappeared and I felt my usual, energetic self again!

I have to invite my Mom over more often!


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