I wanted a fall wreath for my door.  Door wreaths were never something I liked in the past, but now I’m hooked.

There is something about coming home to a pretty round thing on my door that makes me happy!

Front Door Fall Wreath

Yesterday, I was at my grocery store and I saw some beautiful fall floral mesh wreaths that I fell in love with. The only problem was, they were $49.99! Ouch.  Turns out, the floral department actually has rolls of the mesh for sale for only $6.00 ! Using an old pool noodle (still wet because I was too impatient to let it dry), some dollar store leaves and some scrap wire, I created my own mesh wreath in under 15 minutes for under $10.00!

FAll Wreath2


Check out my how-to video for a quick tutorial so you can make your own:   How to make a Fall Wreath for Under $10


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