This year I don’t have time for homemade Valentines Day treats and Decorations.  Screw you Pinterest, you are making me feel like a horrible, lazy person! Instead, I decided to phone it in with some quick ideas that turned out to be so amazing and special, I’m making them yearly family traditions! Yeah for feeling super amazing without effort!

First, we used an old cookie jar and made it our “love jar” by putting in little love notes to each other.  I hope to write a little something to each of my kids every day until Valentine’s Day.  During our family dinner on Valentine’s Day, we will open the jar and read all our sweet little notes!

Next we made a banner for our fireplace using sweet messages to each other. What an awesome reminder of how much love we have in this house!

Check out my video DIY Valentines Day Decor and Traditions to see more!

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