I don’t handle stress well. I mean, a lot of people say that, but I go into full out melt-down mode whenever things get a bit out of whack. I like schedules. I like routine. I like a clean house and happy kids. I need a calm and serene environment to function at my best.


With three kids, including a needy two-year old and one crazy dog, I don’t get calm and serene often. What I normally get is screaming, fighting girls, a whinny two-year-old and a mess that seems to explode out of nowhere. Did I mention our dog likes to dig in the mud? Like, a lot. He also chews anything that has been left on the floor, so that’s a thing. My attempt at keeping everything in check is exhausting and I can feel my sanity slipping away a little more everyday.

This week is the icing on the Mommy-is-going-to-be committed cake. A national television segment in two days (which I have to still make all the items for), a two day trip out of town for the filming of said segment and a family trip to Disney the morning after I return (which I still have not packed for yet). Did I mention the projects for the show are not working out as I had hoped and my two-year olds “help” isn’t really helping all that much?

Add to that housework, being a stay-at-home Mom and still trying to get a video blog out for my amazing subscribers. Whew. That right there is a recipe for craziness. Some people would thrive under the pressure, even look forward to it. Me? I shut down. My hands get sweaty, I feel nauseous and I have an overwhelming desire to hide in my bed, under my blankets and hope everything works out.


Time to out on my big girl pants and suck it up. Time for some deep breathing and happy thoughts and long bubble baths and…ah. Screw it, time for booze…lots and lots of booze.


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