Make Your Own Mercury Glass

Even though I love decorating my home, I am pretty out of touch with all things decor related.  I could not even name a designer if I tried and I have no idea what is “on trend” right now and what isn’t.  Truth be told, I don’t get out of the house all that often and sometimes I feel totally clueless about a lot of things.

So, on my latest trip to Homesense (a discount home decor store that I may be addicted to) I noticed that this aged looking mirrored glass was EVERYWHERE.  I bought this gorgeous pumpkin and while checking out, someone behind me said “love that pumpkin, mercury glass is so hot right now”.


So, I guess this old looking mirrored finish is called Mercury Glass, and I am in love.

Instead of buying more pieces, I learned how to make my own! This just may be the EASIEST DIY PROJECT EVER!

Check out these pretty glass vases that were under $5.00 to make!


Start with something glass. I got these two weird glass things from Value Village for $3.00 each (they are like bottomless vases)!


Gave them a quick clean and then used green painters tape around the top.

You want to cover the entire outside with something, I just used a plastic grocery bag.


Next you will need a spray bottle with water and a can of MIRROR EFFECTS SPRAY PAINT ( I used Rustoleum, but the brand doesn’t matter)

Lightly spray water inside and then give the inside a quick coat of the spray paint!  I thought for sure mine would be a total disaster, the paint was running and it looked terrible.  Once it dried, I did one more coat.

After I took off the bag and tape, I was totally amazed! Both vases actually looked really beautiful! Craziness.


I am convinced that this paint is pretty much fail proof. It looked dull and terrible on the inside, but through the outside of the glass, it was mirrored and breath taking!


I tied on a few leaves with twine and now I have a lovely addition to my fall mantel for under $5.00!!!


Here is a close up of the vase! So fun and easy!

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