How to Purge Your Paper Properly

In all of my client’s homes, no matter what their family life looked like, paper was taking over all of their spaces.   I also find that paper is the number one clutter complaint with my subscribers as well and finding a paper clutter free home is a rare find!

So why do so many of us struggle with paper clutter? Honestly, I think most people just really do not have any idea of what they need to keep and what they don’t, so they keep everything.

Old bills? Unless you are using them as part of your home business taxes, get rid of them! Bank and credit statements? I get them electronically and you should consider doing the same!  If you still want the paper, there is no need to keep it for more than a year.

Here is a printable that can help you understand what papers you need to keep and which ones can go!

Organize your Paperwork

Organize your Paperwork- Page 2


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