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I keep saying that I want to start a “How to Blog” YouTube channel and blog, which would offer tips and advice on how to start a blog of your own, but I have yet to find the motivation to get started!

In the meantime – while I waste my days in a haze of chai tea and Netflix– I thought I would share a few of my favourite blogging printables!

First, it is my Editorial Calendar.  No, I did not make this awesome printable (that I use every month for my own blog ideas) and I am breaking a cardinal blog rule because I CANNOT REMEMBER where I got this from! Some amazing blogger deserves the credit for this printable (sorry amazing blogger) and if I ever find the link, I will be sure to post it here!


Next, this daily To-Do List from Plucky’s Second Thought is such a helpful tool for bloggers of all levels! I recently stumbled upon this printable and it totally introduced me to STUMBLE UPON! How did I not know about this super amazing site to share my content? Sheesh.  Anyways, this printable has everything you need to grow your blog in no time!  Download your own copy that you can customize for your blog HERE!


Last, but not least, Jennifer Borget from Baby Making Machine  shared with me this list of networks that you can join to grow your blog and find great sponsorships opportunities.  I currently work with BlogHer (which is also SheKnows) and I love their network!  DOWNLOAD THE BLOG NETWORK LIST HERE!

So share this with other bloggers! Together, like a rising tide, we can all grow together!

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