Staying Focused While Working From Home

Working for yourself may seem as if there is no better job in the world. Getting out of bed late, unlimited lunch breaks, flexible working hours, and a lot more perks. However, being your own boss means you control what you do. Once you know that you are accountable to no one, it is easy to become lazy. That’s where the mother of the trouble comes in; procrastination.

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Procrastinating can take away all the precious time you need to lead your business to success. Being a business owner, time and money are probably the most important assets you can have. Wasting, and not fully utilizing these assets, can be the silver bullet to your heart. Nevertheless, to all problems, there is a solution. Following these tips are sure to bring out the best in you and your business:

  1. Weekly Schedules

Monthly planners can be helpful and have been proven to increase productivity. On your day off, plan the rest of your week with a list of deadlines, meetings, and tasks to be completed. Color-coding different events can add a little spice to your schedule and make it look more organized.  Various studies have proven that people are more than 3x as likely to complete a task if they write it on a list.

  1. Alternate Tasks

Anything on your schedule that makes you cringe? Make sure you plan something you like before and after it. This way you can get yourself motivated enough before starting the job that must be done while looking forward to the next task.

  1. Remove Distractions

Make sure to switch off all phones, televisions and any other entity that may distract you even the slightest. Being in a quiet environment will help you indulge in your work without a problem. You can allow yourself a 5-minute break after completing a task to rest a little.

  1. Break it down

Tasks that are time-consuming and difficult may prove to be more demotivating. Larger tasks can be cut down to multiple smaller ones to ease the burden and make sure the task does not overwhelm you.

  1. Be Honest with Yourself

Don’t come up with lame excuses in your head for not doing the work in time. Be honest with yourself and mandate yourself to get up and do the work that must be done. You will get a better sense of achievement after completing a task that you were about to delay. 

  1. Set your Timings

Tailor your day and work schedule during the time you are most alert. Just because everyone says that a person is freshest in the morning, does not mean its true for you. Work at the time you are most comfortable with and has the least distractions.  I have become a complete night owl over the years and work best from 9:00pm to 11:00pm each night.

  1. Reward Yourself

Done with a task early? Take the remaining time off. You can also give yourself a treat after finishing a boring job or doing substantially well. This will not only encourage you to complete your tasks efficiently but effectively as well.

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