Hello. My name is Cassandra and I am a kid-toy-aholic…First of all, I admit I just have way too many. Secondly, I can’t stop myself from buying more and lastly…I have a really hard time parting with any old ones!

The insanity is that my house is really tiny and I hate having kids toys visable in adult spaces (like the livingroom). This means I am constantly doing the toy dance and using creative toyboxes, closets, shelving and my wonderful toyroom to house the ever mounting piles of toys. That being said, I do purge… occasionally.

Before gift giving holidays is a great time to go through your children’s toys and get rid of broken ones, toys with missing pieces and those that your child just never plays with anymore. This gives you an idea of what they have and gift giving ideas for family members.

Now that summer is quickly approaching you will need some toys outside to keep your little ones busy in your backyard. Instead of buying new toys, find some inside toys that your child really isn’t playing with and move them outside. Make sure you have a toybox with a tight lid so they can’t get wet and moldy. I use a rubbermaid storage bench from Canadian Tire (around $60), but even a rubbermaid tote will do the trick! Yesterday I went through my toyboxes and took out the dozens of McDonalds toys. Just a quick side note, we have to stop going to Mcdonalds, my 18 month old starting shouting “French Fries” while we ordered coffees at Tim Hortons because she know drive-thru’s mean Mickey D’s…embarrassing. Anyhoo, I took out McDonalds toys, old cars, some My Little Pony’s and other silly little toys they never play with… the crazy thing is as soon as they got outside these old toys that never interested them before became the coolest toys ever and they played with them for over 2 hours! At the end of the summer these ones will go to the trash and I’ll do it all over again next spring! It’s like purging and buying all at the same time!

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