Tip of the Day- Magazines

I watched this TLC show last night, “Hoarding- Buried Alive”. I have no idea why stuff like that intrigues me so much, but it has the same effect that the show “How clean is you house” does. As soon as it was over I purged like a maniac! We all have our clutter weaknesses though… god knows I have a few… kids toys (guilt), bathroom products (might need them someday), home decor stuff (I paid a lot for those completely outdated items that I no longer even like) and of course magazines.. I love my magazines.

Well, after watching people having to walk on piles of their junk I was motivated to purge a few of my precious magazines. I am ashamed to say it was actually VERY hard for me to do. First I got a stack of my husbands and put them in the “to go to the doctors office” pile. For some reason I have no problem purging his stuff, lol. Then onto my decorating magazines… Ohhhhh the pain…. I decided to quickly flip through them and tear out the pictures and articles I love and find inspirational. I started an inspiration book and just glued all the pics I love in an artists sketch book from the dollar store. Now instead of 100 magazines stacked in a pile, I have about 15 (just can’t part with my storage ones) and one sketch book that I can keep adding to!

Doctors offices, hospitals, group homes, women’s shelters etc all appreciate your old magazines. Just remember to tear your name and address off if you have a subscriptions! Magazines also are a great way to keep your high boots in good shape. Just roll them up and stick in your boots!

If you are like me and have WAY too many magazines, today is the day to purge!! Need inspiration? Just check out some hoarding videos on YouTube and that’s all the inspiration you’ll need!

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