Tip of the Day – Spring has Sprung

I’m geeked about the beautiful weather we have been having lately! I’m digging in the garden, wearing my spring coat and I have even dug out my sunglasses. It’s offically spring! This is the time to put away that winter stuff!

If you have a small house like me, storage is a huge issue, especially if you have kids. If you have a big house with a huge entrance way closet, I hate you, and don’t bother reading this blog!

This winter my closet has been especially bursting. Snowsuits, bulky coats, hats mittens… Sooooo glad it’s over. I bought an inexpensive clothes rack from Walmart (under $30) and turned a small area in my downstairs storage area into off season coat and sweater storage. If this is not an option, I have also used those storage bags that suck the air out for winter coats and hats, scarfs etc. They work great and can slide under your bed or anywhere out of the way. They actaully sell them now at the dollar store!! Mind you, they don’t last long, but they are a buck and will last at least until next winter!

I use a shoe holder for hats, mittens, scarfs etc. It is a great way to have all your winter wear easily accessiable and taking up minimal space. Now that the weather is nice, I move them all to storage and use the shoe holder for glasses, summer hats, sunscreen, bugspray, umbreallas and flip flops!

Take a few minutes today to pack up your winter stuff today and give your closet some room to breathe fresh spring air!!

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