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Mar 28, 2010 | Bedroom, Blog, Closets, What ClutterBug Are You?

There are basically 5 different organizational styles, and in the next few days, I will post one different style a day. You may find that you are a combination of a few styles, but try to find the one that addresses your main organizing challenge in your home.
Many people make the mistake of buying storage containers or organizing tools before they know exactly how they will use it to organize their belongings. Some things that work well for others may not work for you. Many people end up having unused or misused storage containers, which just add to the clutter. The first step is to identify your style and what tools will work best for you in your space. Today’s style is:
The Ladybug – This style can be summed up in one simple word, hider. I am most definitely a hider. I hate visible clutter and my tendency is to shove it into drawers, closets, under the bed and my laundry room. You’re a ladybug too if your home is generally neat and tidy but your closets, drawers and cupboards are a jumbled mess. Ladybugs tend to be very family and home oriented, and very sentimental about their belongings. Visual clutter can be distracting for ladybugs and even cause anxiety. Pretend for a moment that a friend has just called you and said they will be stopping by in 15 minutes for a visit. If you begin running around like a maniac shoving anything lying around in drawers and closets, you’re probably a ladybug!
Because I am a ladybug, I of course find this style easiest to offer advice on. The best advice I can give is to tackle one small area at a time. You have to find what works best for you, but once you find a system, you will easily keep it tidy like the rest of your home.
Containers, drawer dividers and labels are your best organizing friends. When you open a drawer and have a container that is clearly labeled, you will just naturally put the proper items there.
Unlike the butterfly, closed storage works best for you. Armoires, dressers and shelving with decorative baskets and boxes should be used to house your items.
Purge items that you have not used in over a year or things that you just don’t need or love.
Each day or week pick a small area to work on, like a junk drawer. First take everything out and sort into piles of like items. Next, purge unwanted items from each pile. Move items that don’t belong in the drawer to their proper home. Finally, contain the piles of like items together in small Tupperware containers, wrap in elastics or whatever works for you. For example, my junk drawer has five small Tupperware containers inside which hold batteries, candles, glue and tape, sewing items and scented oils. Other items, like pens are held together with elastics. Now that everything is clearly separated and organized, it is easy for me to find things and put them away.
In closets use bins without lids and shoe or sweater sorters to quickly and easily give your items a home. I also suggest using those hanging shoe sorters on the inside of closet doors or on the back of bedroom doors for all of the little items. Next week I will post about all the cool ways these inexpensive sorters can be used to organize just about anything.
Label, label, label…. Trust me, if you label a bin you’re much more likely to put an item away in it. I love my label maker and use it every week. If you don’t want to buy one, masking tape and a marker work just fine.
Once you have tackled your trouble spots just do some monthly maintenance and you’ll be all set. Remember the golden rule “a place for everything and everything in its place” and you’ll be super organized in no time!

To watch really bad videos of me using containers to finally get my closets and drawers organized, check out my youtube video blog

Not a Ladybug? Visit me tomorrow to see if you are a Busy Bee.