Creative uses for a Hanging Shoe Sorter!

Apr 8, 2010 | Bathroom, Bedroom, Blog, Cleaning Tips, Closets, Toy Organization

So many people make the mistake of buying organizing tools before they have actually organized their stuff. One of the most popular tools are those clear plastic stacking drawer organizers. You go to the store and buy one or two with the intention that they will magically organize your home. You come home and put odds and ends in them and then volia, you have an ugly clear plastic organizing thing in the corner full of useless things never get used.  
Buying the containers to put your items in is the last step of organizing your space, that way you will know exactly what you need and how many of them you will need.
That being said, I think a hanging shoe sorter is the exception to that rule! Lol. They come is all different colours and the canvas ones can be labeled or painted with fabric paint for a custom look! I just have a special love for these versitile organizing tools and here are a few creative ways you can use one for every room in your home!
Laundry Room: Hang one of these on the back of your laundry room door to store all your extra cleaning products, stain removers, rags, scrub brushes, clothes pins, bounce sheets and more!
Spare Room: Turn your spare bedroom into a gift wrapping or craft room by hanging this sorter on the back of the door or inside the closet.  Store tape, ribbon, scissors, cards, labels, gift bags,  paint brushes, craft paint, paper, sponges, stickers and everything else you may need!
Children’s Bedroom: These sorters are great for kids rooms because it makes it easy for even little ones to reach what they need and put it away. Organize barrettes, purses, tights, shoes, jewellery, toys, hats, barbies and just about anything else you can think of!
Bathroom: If you have a small bathroom these organizers can be a life saver. Fill it up with brushes, hairspray, shampoo and conditioner, gel, lotions, sunscreeens, perfumes and colognes, razors and shaving cream, bars of soap and all the extra tolietries you have. They will even hold extra rolls of toliet paper and rolled towels and washclothes if you don’t have a closet or vanity.
Car:  Because these shoe sorters are so inexpensive, don’t sweat it when you cut one in half to fit on the back of car seat. Fill it with crayons, books, wet wipes, diapers, small toys, snacks and juice and water. Don’t have kids? They are still handy for you to hold tissue, maps, water, snacks, magazines and books, gloves, emergency cell phone and all the extra little things that always end up cluttering up your seats and floors in your car.
Garage: These can even be hung right on the wall to inexpensively organize your paint rollers, brushes, spray paint, cleaning supplies, hand tools, rags, nails and screws, batteries and all your other odds and ends in the garage.
Office: Hang one of these in a closet, on the back of the door or even right on the wall to store pens, staplers, envelopes, tape, high lighters, post its, paper clips, mail and all the extra office supplies.
Hall Closet: I love using my shoe sorter in the hall closet to store all of my mittens, hats, scarfs and gloves in the winter. As soon as the weather turns nice I swap the hats and scarfs for sun hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, suncreen and gardening gloves.
Toy Room: These little pockets are perfect for sorting all of the little toys that always end up on the floor. Action figures, cars, dolls, legos, crayons, play dough, books and more.
Pantry: If you are lucky enough to have a pantry door, these are great for quick grab snacks. Don’t have a big pantry door? Shoe sorters can easily be cut in half and lengthwise to fit anyspace. Get rid of boxes and make more room on your pantry shelves by filling these pockets with granola bars, prepackaged cookies, fruit snacks, raisins or whatever you like for quick grab and go snacks.
Hopefully I made you want to run out and buy one of these wonderful and budget friendly organizing tools!
Visit me tomorrow for another quick, low cost organizing tip.