Hello. Today is the last blog in the series, Identify your Organizing Style. Today is the last Clutterbug, the Dragonfly.

Here is a quick overview of the other Clutterbug styles:

Butterfly – Hoarders. Suffers from “out of sight out of mind” and therefore everything is usually laying everywhere.

Ladybug – Hiders. This Clutterbugs home may look neat and tidy but drawers and closets are a huge disorganzied mess.

Cricket – Pilers. This Clutterbug likes things organized very logically but often piles papers and items with the intention of organizing them properly “later”.

Busy Bee – Active. This bug is in a constant state of motion and finds it difficult to sit still long enough to sort through paperwork or organize their busy schedule. This Clutterbug usually has a “dumping room or zone” for items they will get to later.

And now, the Dragonfly – This bug is a natural organizer. Everything is usually always in its place and putting something away after they use it is just second nature. What can I say? Why the heck are you reading this blog? I should be reading your blog.

 Just remember, there is a fine line between being very organized and being compulsively organized. If you are able to leave things out of place without it causing anxiety, you’re in great shape. If the occasional mess causes you anxiety or your constant cleaning takes time away from family and friends, you may want to talk to someone about getting help. Being organized and tidy should improve your life, never interfere with it!

Visit me next time for 15 creative ways to use a shoe sorter! Exciting right? I’m such a dork, I know.

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