A “Duh” Moment

May 26, 2010 | Bedroom, Blog, Closets, Toy Organization

Have you ever had one of those “duh” moments when you do something so dumb, so absolutely retarded that you feel embarrassed just thinking about it? I have those daily. I come by it honestly, my mother and grandmother both suffer from the same condition. We all are missing that little voice in our heads that says “this may be a bad idea”.  Add to that the whole ditzy blond thing with a dash of creativness and you have a cocktail for daily humiliation.

I have to share my latest with you, it has nothing to do with organizing, but you will soon see why you should never take any advice from me.

We went golfing this past weekend. Joe bought me new clubs and a new glove and I totally wanted to look the part. I found a pretty pink shirt in my closet and I found my tan visor. Pair that with my tan capri’s and I was totally matchy-matchy!  Now for shoes. Anyone who has ever met me knows I am about as far from sporty as a person can get. I own running shoes, but I never wear running shoes.  I dug out a few pairs from my shoe rack downstairs that still fit (having kids grew more than my ass) and ended up with three contenders.  A brown and pink pair that were very dirty, a pair of Adidas with baby blue stripes and a pair of black and red velcro (yes, I own velcro, I am lazy). 

My husband pointed out later, along with his usual “you’re a moron” look, that a normal person would have choosen the pink and brown ones and just cleaned them. Or perhaps they may have choosen the baby blue striped ones and just picked out a baby blue shirt. Not me, no sir. My first thought was craft paint. Yes, that’s right, I painted the baby blue stripes on my Adidas pink with dollar store craft paint. Never did that “this may not be a good idea” thought come into my mind. My only thought was “Genius, Genius, Geenniusss! They should sell shoe paint“….It wasn’t until I was done that I looked at my streaky, pink painted shoes and thought “What if it rains?” or “What if the grass is wet?”….As soon as Joe saw them he just shook his head and said “those look terrible…you just ruined a $100 pair of shoes”.

Well, it didn’t rain and I wore my streaky painted shoes with pride on that golf course. If you squinted, they looked just fine. My golf game sucked, but at least I looked super cute and matchy-matchy.

Alright, here are a few quick organizing tips: Take a few seconds when loading the dishwasher to sort knives in one thingy, forks in another and so on. It saves you time when putting away.

Never use your dresser? Consider a cube storage system instead. Love these things! Use canvas bins that fit perfectly (you can even get at dollar store) and they come in every colour! This is a easy way to put things away like clothes, toys, craft and office supplies or just about anything because you can pull out the bins and take them to where you need them! I am trying to convince Joe to buy one of these instead of a dresser for Abby’s big girl bedroom! Wish me luck!