Doing the Shuffle

Yesterday the girls and I were out shopping and I picked up a new Dora game for them. After getting home and playing with it, I tried to put it away.

We have a large coffee table with two sides that open up for storage downstairs and we keep all the kids games inside. I was horrified to find that the box was just waaaayy too big for the coffee table. Darn it!  Alright. I decided to keep it with our games in the closet, but I was super sad to find that the game shelf was crammed full. Do I purge a game to make room for a new one? I know that is the right thing to do, but I love board games and can’t seem to part with even one. This problem is going to require a little shuffling….one of my favourite things to do!

First, I run around my house looking for a magical unused storage device that I may have forgotten about. No such luck. I then spot the kids upstairs toy box. It’s a great size and can easily hold all the kids games. I empty everything on the floor upstairs and carry the toybox downstairs and fill it with kids games… Ahhhh… they all fit perfectly and I can set a tray on top and volia.. I have a new end table by my couch to set my evening pop on. Perfect.

I’m even more geeked when I come back upstairs because the big pile of toys on the floor means Mummy gets to buy a new toybox!! I pack up the kids and go back to the Walmart…god I love that store… and find some cute little storage ottoman cubes for $25 each!  I buy two… If I had more space, I would have cleared out the store!  Not only are they super great for storage but they also can be used for extra seating in a pinch. K. I am so geeked.

After the kids go to bed I move all the grown up games into the coffee table which are a perfect fit and a logical place, as the coffee table is were we play them! I now have a whole empty shelf in my closet that I get to do the shuffle again with today! The fun never ends!

Here’s the tip. Reorganizing your space is a never-ending process, so enjoy it! I love having to be creative and find new spots for my ever growing collection of stuff. I also love getting to buy new storage and organizing tools! So… Do the shuffle, be creative and find a new little undiscovered space in your home that is crying out for some love and attention!

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