Garbage Bag Therapy

May 6, 2010 | Bedroom, Blog, Cleaning Tips, Closets

So a few days ago I bought yet another cleaning product for my laminate floors. Lets just say I have a love / hate relationship with my floors. I love the fact that they are not carpet… I hate the fact that they are the cheapest laminate you can buy and therefore you have to treat them like they are worth a million dollars.

They show every smudge and smear from bare feet or spilled juice, but you can’t wash them because you can’t get them wet..WTF? Who would make floors that you can’t get wet? I mean, of course you can wash them, but you have to use a damp cloth and then dry them right away. K., so I am a clean freak and have to wash my floor daily…sometimes multiple times a day.. Doing this on my hands and knees is no longer an option as I am extremely lazy. Being a lazy clean freak is a challenge in its own right. Anyhoo, I use my swifter sweeper to get the dust and chunks (can’t use my vacuum on laminate because it scracthes and chips them) and then my wetjet to mop. Gotta say, love these products. They are a compulsive cleaners dream come true. K. Focus, I am focusing. Using a wetjet everyday on laminate floors is a very bad thing. The spray from  the water seeps in the cracks and then the cheap cardboard under the picture of wood (which is what laminate floors are) warps and expands and bubbles the floors. So now, not only do I have cheap laminate floors, I now have cheap, bubbled, warped laminate floors. Feel my pain?

K. So, here comes the organizational problem.  I keep buying cleaning products that will magically clean my floors without me having to break a sweat or ruin my floors. I started with a broom, then upgraded to a swiffer, then to a swiffer vacuum. I then got a swiffer wet jet only to notice a few weeks later that my floors are bubbling so I buy a microfiber mop and just get it damp. None of these options were really working as well as water and vinegar and buffing them dry by hand so I spent a whooping $35 on a laminate floor cleaner kit from Home Hardware complete with a huge microfibre cleaning broom thing. Guess what? It leaves streaks and the broom thing sticks and takes way too much effort to push around my floor.

So, lets add those up….5 broom type devices and no broom closet. Not to mention my vaccum and steam cleaner. Where to put all this crap? Thank god for under the sink storage which holds my 50 gazillion cleaning products, but brooms are just not going to fit under there.

After spending the better part of my morning measuring and surfing the web trying to find a solution to house my ever growing cleaning collection, I am left feeling stressed and claustrophobic in a house too tiny to find a spot for brooms. My usual spot is shoving them beside my armoire in the bedroom (a space only a few inches wide) but I was hoping if I looked hard enogh I would find a hidden closet or even an empty two foot area of wall space I could put a small cupboard. No such luck. Solution? I indulge in some Garbage Bag Therapy.

Grab a garbage bag, walk and around your home and throw some shit out. Don’t worry about donating or those “maybe, someday” thoughts. Toss that shit out. Ahhhhhh. It feels so good. I filled up two. Still have a pile of broom type things laying on my bedroom floor, but a little Garabge Bag Therapy helped me to forget all about them…for the moment anyways.