Quick Tip for Problem Areas

May 14, 2010 | Bedroom, Blog, Closets, Kitchen

Let me first say that I woke up in a bitchy mood so I’m not going to sugar coat this shit. I’m in a foul mood and I’m sleep deprived, so here are your freakin’ tips of the day.

Everyone has problem areas in their home that just seem to attract clutter and I’m going to bet that most people share the same problem areas. Lets be honest here, we’re lazy. There is just no other explaination for not taking a few extra minutes to put stuff away.  That being said, we can setup systems to make being organized easy and as lazy friendly as possible.

Entrance Way – As soon as you come into your home, the first surface you see is probably where you tend to dump bags, purses, keys, phones and other stuff.  You need to set up a system for this crap. If you have a closet in your entrance way, install hooks inside for purses, diaper bags and shopping bags then put your shit IN the closet. No closet? Install hooks right on the wall. If you have to walk to another room to put this stuff away, you won’t. Hang a small shelf above hooks for phones, keys and other small stuff. Resist the urge to dump everytime you get home, take the extra minute it takes to hang stuff up and put away. Before you know it, it will be second nature.

Kitchen Counter – I have no idea why bills and flyers always end up on the counter. It’s weird, but it is the same thing in everyones home. Buy a basket and then empty the basket everyday or once a week, whatever works for you. If this basket is overflowing, empty it. It’s not rocket science here. Recycling sitting on your counter? Here’s a tip – put them in a recycling bin. Have a small bin somewhere in your kitchen, preferably under the counter or a few different garbage cans on the floor beside each other. Don’t leave empty cans and bottles on your counter where you prepare your food, it’s gross.

Bedroom Floor – This is a huge pet peeve for me. For the love of god people, put your dirty clothes in a dirty clothes hamper. If you tend to toss them in the same spot on the floor everyday. Put a laundry basket right there. If your laundry is clean, put it away in a closet or dresser. You don’t need to fold that shit, it’s already all wrinkled up in that basket that has been sitting there for days. Toss pjs, underwear and t-shirts right in your drawer. Yes, it’s wrinkled, but at least it’s clean and you don’t have to look at it anymore.

Stop being a perfectionist. If your home looks like a bomb went off but you want things put away in a special way, you’re a weirdo. Your need to have things a certain, perfect way means that you never have the time to do it right. “Later” is never going to come my friend. Doing something “half-ass” now is way better than doing it “perfect” never…oh, I mean later.

K. There you go. All your organizational problems solved.