Our little tin shed is a big pain in my ass. For starters, the damn doors break ALL the time. Honestly, who designs this crap? My husband has replaced or fixed those stupid plastic door sliders like, three times in the past 4 years.  A shed is meant to be used, no? So why do they make them out of paper thin metal with cheap plastic door sliders? Everytime I have to climb over a pile of junk in that hot little tin can I remind myelf not to throw the damn kids bikes as they would most certainly go right through the side of the wall.

One of my other reasons for hating this GD shed is the fact that it is so delicate you can’t attach any hooks or shelving to the sides. All of our garden tools just get set against the sides, always falling, taking up more room than they need to and always getting in the way. So here comes the fun, how to organize gardening tools without hanging them or buying some expensive storage system? Again, in yet another flash of genius, I decide on sonotubes.  These cheap concrete forms are available in any size and did I mention how cheap they are? You need to weigh the bottom down, maybe attach wood with construction adhesive, but once it’s weighted, you’re all set. Throw all your tools in there and attach hooks to the outside to hold gloves, garden trowels and other small gardening odds and ends.  Volia, a cheap way to store and organize all your garden tools in your crappy tin shed. I know, I am so amazing it’s scary.
Check out other cool uses for sonotubes:

Modern wall shelving: Cut, paint and arrange in a cool design for cheap and unique storage!

Umbrella Stand: Well, do I need to describe this one?

Homemade speakers, decorative columns and kiddie tunnels….the ideas are endless

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