Sock Bag – Never have lonely socks again

May 31, 2010 | Bedroom, Blog, Closets

So, you know how everyone always complains that their dryer eats one sock from every pair? Have you ever rooted through your sock drawer trying to find two matching socks? I have the solution!! Seriously, I know I am a huge loser but I think this is one of the greatest tips ever… wait for it…wait for it….a lost sock bag. Not so exciting at first, but just you wait!

K. So grab a bag…well, not right now, but as soon as your done reading this. Grab a bag and stick it wherever you sort laundry. Hang it in your laundry room, or back of your bedroom door or in a closet, wherever. Now, here is the most important rule. Never, ever and I mean NEVER put a sock away in a drawer without its friend. Empty all the sock drawers in your house and make sure that only the ones that are paired go back in the drawers. All the lonely lost ones go in the bag.  Now, everytime you fold and put away laundry, if your left with some lonely losers, put them in the lost sock bag. Once a month or so empty your sock bag and do some match making! I like to sing love songs while I match my socks, like “I’m all outta love, I’m so lost without you”….k… now pair them up and put away.

Keep some stickers in the bag too. Put a sticker on the really lonely loser socks that you haven’t paired. If you find one with two stickers it’s been two months and those poor things are never gonna find true love. Take them out of the bag and use them for dust rags or just pitch them!

There you have it folks…TA DA! Another genius tip from me! Just you wait, you are gonna love the feeling you get finding those long lost pairs! Happy match making!