Lately I am all about saving time when it comes to house cleaning. I am just sick and tired of the same daily chores that eat up all my free time. In my endless search for a wonder gadget that will do everything for me, I have come across some great stuff that saves me time and makes my life a bit easier.

Two days ago my vacuum broke. I am obsessed with my vacuum so I was freaking out for the first few minutes until I realized that now I get to buy a new one! My husband is away on business, so of course I bought a Roomba. I couldn’t help myself!! The picture on the box had a lady sitting on her couch and her quote “I come home to a clean house everyday and I don’t life a finger”. WTF! I couldn’t NOT buy it.

So I get it home and I have to charge it for 16 hours :(. It is really easy to but it together though, you literally just plug it in. I didn’t get the fancy one with the docking station and vitual walls, no, I’m way too ghetto for that. Mine is just the cheapo $100 kind that you have to carry to the middle of the floor and push a button…but seriously, I saved myself like $200! Anyhoo, I plug it in and go to bed without vacuuming (I did however roll my entire area rug with a sticky roller because I am a freak of nature).

At 10:00 this morning the light was green was on (that means it is fully charged) and I took all the kids outside so I could try out my new toy. I set it in the middle of the floor and hit the clean button….Holy crap this $100 thing is vacuuming my house! I have no idea what I expected…I have heard so many bad reviews, but this is the greatest invention ever! I love my Roomba already! It actually fits under my furniture to clean where I never do and it really can get around so many small spaces. It has little brushes in the sides that cleans my baseboards!! It is still going in there and I am outside blogging because I just can’t contain myself! Sorry Joe, the Roomba is here to stay!

Now, all that being said, I still need to buy another vacuum for my basement and to vacuum my curtains, mattresses and furniture, but who cares! I do that stuff like once a month! I vacuum at least once a day and now I will probably run my little Roomba twice a day.  OMG….I…AM…SO…EXCITED!

K. So I just left for a minute to check on it. It had stopped because my plant vines had tangled in it’s wheels. Whatever, so it isn’t perfect. I untangled the vines and emptied the dirt trap….it was FULL! There was NO visable dirt on my floor yet this little sucker found a fist full of cat hair and a Barbie shoe….lol…I am in love…Ahhhhhhh…I am actually giddie..

K. So here are a few of my other favourite shortcuts:

That cool Bounce fabric softener bar that sticks in your dryer! Love it. It makes my clothes smell fresh and so soft and I never have to worry about remembering the liquid or putting in a bounce sheet. The days of used bounce sheets all over my house are over!! Love it, love it, love it!!

Fantasic spray with bleach. There is nothing this wonderful stuff can’t clean. Once a week or so I spray the tub and leave it a few minutes before my shower. I NEVER have to scrub my tub, it is ALWAYS sparkling clean! I also used this stuff on my outdoor patio cushions and it got them clean and mold free! They were so black I thought they were garbage!

I also love those disinfecting wipes for quick bathroom wipe downs and Lysol spray for killing germs on kids toys. 

Nothing of course compares to my Roomba though… I still here her in their working away on my floors….I am in heaven!

Let’s face it, I’m lazy. I do a lot everyday, but I generally do it all half-ass. 

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